Custom Machines

Tangent Membranes, Inc. specializes in custom filtration systems of all sizes and types. Just indicate which type of membrane you would like and the desired performance and we will tailor the design to suite you needs. Shown are just a few of the many systems we have built.

The TRO Mini is similar to the RO Mini except that it requires tubular membranes rather than spiral. This allows for operating at much higher levels of solids. It too can operate on either 110v or 230V. With little modification it can accept a spiral membrane/module setup making it extremely versatile.

Custom carbon and resin setups are also available in all sizes.
Fully automated, this reverse osmosis unit has 1280 square feet (119 square meters) of surface area.
Incorporating tubular style membranes this large Ultrafilter is designed for higher levels of solids.